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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Night-gaunt: a Midjourney Midnight's....Journey

  Salutations! A word I learned from Charlotte. Midjourney. That thing that every artist friend of yours is posting instead of their own work, and I see that it's got some people uptight - threatening to block anyone who posts Midjourney results, and such. I kind of get it, but I really do see this as an exploratory tool. It's like being able to talk to your tv and have it create a show for you....except that you have to type in a strange prompting language and it only creates still images. Believe me, an a.i. multimedia creation platform is on the way. Just think of the porn- and I know you did. 

  So, I'm pretty familiar with H.P. Lovecraft's night-gaunt, so when I was able to access the Midjourney Beta, it's one of the first things I tried to have it create. And tried. Annnnd tried. You shall now bear witness to my toils- and they weren't ever really toils,  as I enjoyed every result for one reason or another. So, let's jump in.

 Sweet, but not the tickling-terrors of Lovecraft's nightmares, Too fuzzy, too bulky.

 Okay, so that's odd. It gave me what looks like giant water bugs. 

For some reason, adding a stormy sky background added just enough confusion for the app that it got rid of the bat wings and leathery texture.

  Okay, really weird. These are looking more avian or moth-like. Some possibilities with the first one, but not enough to spawn variations from.

 These four are only interesting to the extent that the top two almost look like creatures from Wayne D. Barlowe's Expedition, sans bioluminescence

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Not night-gaunts, but the upper right is the most night-gauntish of them all, so I figured I'd upscale render that one. 

I love the texture.
Trying to make a curved horn with the prompts, for some reason curved the sun, making it look eclipsed.

This one did a really nice job with the leathery skin and the wrapped wing membrane. NANG- Not A Night-Gaunt, though.

Failed Guyver.

Some sort of fish or a mask or a fish mask.

Don't know what this is, but I like it!

See, here we're getting close! It has some sort of barbed spike hand.

This looks like something dead and leathery you'd find on the beach. Some sort of discarded imp corpse.

This is my favorite of the lot. Not a night-gaunt, but just a great, nasty demon of some sort. If nothing else, it's great texture and color reference.

I like how its clutching this white orb that may in fact just be its head.

This one has wings like an elder thing!

  So, we never got a true night-gaunt. Actually, never really thought we would, so I was very pleased with the fever dream versions we got. I even like the small gallery of Dreamworld butterflies we ended up with. Maybe as I learn the prompts better, I can get closer. We got pretty close tonight, and apps like this are only going to get better. I'm not out of a job yet, though.

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