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Friday, March 14, 2014

Demonic Tarot Cards From Fire City

The Two of Knives

The Catalyst

The King of Miseries

The 9 of Knives

The Princess of Stones- this is a toned down version. The original was a bit more graphic and she was a bit more exposed.

The Scribe of Blood

 These were commissioned for the film short, Fire City: King of Miseries, directed by Tom Woodruff Jr. Written by Brian Lubocki and Michael Hayes, Fire City postulates that we live among demons who feed off of our suffering. The entire world we see is shrouded in an illusion of normalcy.
 They're currently working on their feature length film, Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs, for which I was commissioned to draw an additional three cards. I can't show you those yet.

Flower Girl in Felt Tip

 I grew up drawing with felt tip pens. It was just what my parents gave us as kids. I still love drawing with a felt tip. Pilot used to make a felt tip with a full conical nib, which gave you a lot of versatility in line width. They don't make them anymore, and I haven't found anything like them since. Someone suggested the Pigma Graphic series of pens. The Microns are nice, because they give a consistent line and are permanent, but they have a dry, hard feel.
 Anyway, I want to do a bunch of doodles with a felt tip. Permanent, water-proof ink would be nice, but for now, I'll stick to my Flair M.