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Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Pic Line up Neatly With Your Cover Photo

 Edit: Facebook changed its formatting so that it now adjusts to the device it's being viewed on. Hence, this technique no longer works. While it may look good in Chrome on your desktop, the images will not line up on your handheld device. 

 Your Facebook profile only allows you so much personalization, and it's pretty much limited to your profile picture and your cover photo.So, you want to try and be slick and have your Facebook profile image line up with your cover photo to create a seamless mural that will make your page 16% less boring to anyone who isn't a stalker? Well, I think it's pretty slick. So much so, that I took the time to figure out how to do it. It takes several steps, but it's fairly simple. Oh, and the result isn't seamless, because of the white border around your profile image. Fortunately, that border is overlaid on top of your image, as opposed to being a border around a slightly resized version of your image. Anyway, let's get started. You will need Photoshop to follow my instructions, but any similar program will suffice.

   First thing you need to do is take a screen shot of your Facebook page, with the profile pic and cover photo completely visible. If you're on a Windows computer, just hit the Print Screen button. On a Mac, use either Cmd+Shift+3 to take a full screenshot or Cmd+Shift+4 to click and drag a selection. Open Photoshop and go: CTRL+N (New File) --> CTRL+V (Paste).

  Create a New Layer and use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the area of the profile pic and stroke it with any color you want(I used maroon). Make sure you select OUTSIDE the wide border of the Facebook profile pic. Selecting inside the border will throw your alignment off slightly. Create a New Layer and do the same for the cover image. Now, you can do all this OR you can just download the template I've already created for you. It's a PSD file, so you WILL need Photoshop for this: Facebook Profile Pic and Cover Photo Template 
 Note: I did not measure out the dimensions exactly,but it seems to work just fine. If you want to use the exact Facebook dimensions as they are scripted, the profile pic is 160x160, and the cover photo is 851x315. 

   Once you have your template(which should be in 72dpi right now), you can upsize it to any size you feel comfortable working with. I use 150 or 300dpi, but I'll be drawing mine. You may just be using photos- or even one large photo. The process from here is simple. Underneath your template layers, just create new layers and add your art or photos. Here, I've added a Photoshop ink drawing of me and some monsters:

   Add some color, and now the Photoshop layers look like this: 

   Save that as your Photoshop file, because you never want to destroy your layered file (BELIEVE ME!). You will now want to merge the image layers together- if you need to- for export and upload. If you want to be real precise, you can set your Rectangular Marquee Tool to Style --> Fixed Ratio and use the exact dimensions (851x315 and 160x160). Select your profile pic, CTRL+C (Copy) --> CTRL+N (New File) --> CTRL+V (Paste) --> CTRL+E (Merge/Flatten) --> CTRL+S (Save your file as FBProfilePic01.jpg or whatever- just make sure it's a jpg!) Do the same for your cover image. Doesn't matter that your profile pic is still visible, because that area will be covered by your profile pic. So now, just use Facebook to upload your new cover image... 

   ...and then your profile pic. Everything should line up nicely and your friends will bow to your Facebook supremacy(which probably makes you kind of a loser, but stand tall and be proud!). Oh, and if your profile pic doesn't line up for some reason, hover over it, click the Edit Profile Picture box, and check the "Resize to Fit" box. I had this issue this morning.


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